Finish Line Marine Stocks and Sells Ballistol

Among the staff at Finish Line Marine, we engage in a wide variety of outdoor hobbies that include boating, fishing, hunting and the recreational use of firearms. Naturally, there's all kinds of equipment involved with these activities, and keeping that equipment clean and functional is extremely important to us. After having an increasingly difficult time finding this product in local stores, we decided to become a dealer for it and keep it stocked in our inventory.

Ballistol is an excellent product that's been around since 1904; it can be used to to clean, preserve, protect, prevent the corrosion of and to maintain objects made out of metal, wood, polymer and smooth leather. Ballistol is non-toxic and biodegradable. We're very excited to have this product on our shelves!

For more information on Ballistol, please visit their website!

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